Team Member Spotlight – Amy White

Amy White joined the Northern Oaks Team in November 2015. She has been working in the veterinary field since 1998. She was a technician at previous clinics and has been working as a Client Care Specialist with us since November 2014. Amy has two dogs, a cat, a bird and a horse named Daisy.

Annabelle is Amy’s cuddle bug Mastiff. Annabelle joined her family in January 2015. Amy adopted her from Mystery Dog Rescue here in San Antonio. She was found on the streets weighing in at only 73lbs, heartworm positive and not spay. She is now a robust 113 lb, heartworm negative, and spayed. Her favorite position is lying on her back with her legs up in the air. She absolutely loves people and to go for walks. She has a housemate named Bubba who keeps her in line. He is a chih/yorkie mix. Bubba is 10 years old. He joined the family at only 5 days old. He and his brother were bottle fed by Amy. Bubba stayed with Amy and his brother Rodney went to live with her best friend. Bubba thinks he is the man of the house. But little does he know Howie is the true king of the house. Howie is an 11 year old black cat who thinks he is a dog. He joined the family at only 1 day old. He was found by her mother’s co-worker on her door step with the umbilical cord still attached. Amy bottle fed him as well. The true Queen ruler of the house is Terp, a 4 ½ year old pineapple conure who joined the family 4 years ago. She was found by a client in their yard. After tracking down her hatchery with her band it was found out that she was only 6 months old when she was found. No owner was ever located. She chirped her way into Amy’s home. Her vocabulary is limited but one of her favorite things to say is “Bubba”.

You can find pictures of Amy’s adorable animals on our Facebook page. Please share with us your pets story and pictures on our Facebook and follow our blog. Each month another employee and their pets will take the spotlight.

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